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surround speaker configuration, need advice

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Litch, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Litch

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    Dec 20, 2004
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    Hi guys and gals, first post so pls be gentile :)

    I have recently ordered a Yamaha DSPAX750. Mainly because of its features audio and so I can connect my Xbox and DVD player via the two component inputs. I only have one set of component connections on my plasma.

    The new audio system will mainly be to supply a better audio experience to the movies I watch and games that I play.

    Speaker wise I am planning on getting the Sony save356t 6.1 set. Consisting of 5 surrounds, 1 centre and a sub.

    So, hopefully so far so good.

    Now I was thinking of getting a pair of the Celestion avf302 (beech) units to use as the front L & R speakers. This would then allow me to use the two now redundant front Sony ones as PRESENCE speakers.

    I chose the celestions because of their styling (will look nice in the living room) and their now low price.

    Is this worthwhile doing?
    Would this create an audible mismatch?
    Does the use of PRESENCE speakers bring more atmosphere to the films?

    I do understand (after reading a recent post) that I might have to get the celestion centre speaker to get a tonal match across the front speaker set.

    Any advice / guidance / warnings would be most welcome :smashin:
  2. Prometheus

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    Hi Litch

    Just a quick one, I'm not familiar with that amp, but as for speakers, I have just taken delivery toady of a set of 5 Tannoy Saturn series speakers that Tannoy themselves are selling via ebay at the moment, They are brand new an boxed and I got the whole set for £300 (I'm not sure of your budget) but the original selling price was £300 each!!! so £1500 in total. I've just hooked up the fronts at the moment and I'm listening to them now.............. wow they are absolutely incredible IMO. They use the same technology of their studio monitor series and the prestige range which are £2500 + for each speaker. I think that no matter what your opinions might be, I'm sure that anyone who is familiar with Tannoy's dual concentric technology will agree that these are a bargain for £60.. each you couldn't even buy the drivers for that money. Check them out@


    P.S. the model is the S8C which was essentially the centre speaker from the range, but the driver, crossover ..well everything is identical to the Left and Right versions. I am using two of them now in portrait, just with the badges turned round. Trust me you would not be disapointed. :)
    I will be posting a separate thread about these a bit later if you are interested.

    P.S.S. My B&W's have just left the building. :zonked:

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