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Hi all, I want to spend some of the weekend trying to get the best out of what I have for my living room set up and would like some advice on how to deal with my surround speakers as they have to be on the back wall which my sofa is against. I have them mounted currently and angled slightly down and towing in but I am not sure if this the best way to have them? I know the back wall is not ideal but it is a day to day living room and is how it is but would still like to get the best I can with the limitations. Any advice will be appreciated 😊




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I would highly recommend you try bipole speakers in your system...


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Yeah I was hoping just to get advice on what I currently have really. I get that I could get better speakers for this situation but not an option currently and just wanted some ideas on if I could get better results with these at a different angle. Thank you though


Always difficult with a sofa against a back wall. It is what it is and we all have to live with some kind of compromise in a living room situation. Their design may have a narrow dispersion of the audio which may you require you to toe them in a little more. You certainly don't want the left one as you look at your photograph to be at any less of an angle because of boundary issues caused by the proximity of the wall.

They may also be a little too high, not by much but again that narrow dispersion may be better by dropping them by around a foot. If you use the central seat as your MLP for calibration then those sitting to the left and right are still going to get more volume from their nearest speaker and that is unavoidable.

Experiment is the best advice and once you get a balanced soundstage then re-run your calibration.

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