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hi guys,

i just bought myself an lg42pg3000, but I thought it would be really simple to buy a surround sound kit, and away i go. I read somewhere that the tv ma not have to correct receiver to put out the correct signals for surround soun, and that although the speakers may be around the room i wont get the full home cinema experience?? basically i dont have a clue about this, so I was hoping maybe one of you guys could en-lighten me as to whether my new t will be able to support a surround sound system, and if it can is it possible to connect it straight to the tv, as im reading most have to be connected to the cable box or dvd player?

any help would be greatly appreciated:lease:


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I'm still not entirely sure if the PG3000 supports 5.1 sound over optical. Alot of TVs don't. What kind of surround system do you have and what other equipment are you using? If you're expecting surround sound from Freeview then you won't get this because they only broadcast in stereo. This is the same for almost all Sky/cable channels as well. ;)


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cheers for the reply mate...much appreciated....anyway i've got my dvd player, cable box, and my ps3 connected to it at the moment. the only reason I am interested in the surround sound is because one of my mates has got it on his tv (which is much older) and when he watches any dvds the sound quality is absoloutely perfect. anyway thanks for the reply again mate.:thumbsup:

p.s i read since my last post that the tv i have has a dolby digital receiver, is this what I should be lookin for?


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Hi sierra cossie,
you sound like you're a bit confused so ive tried to explain a little bit about surround sound below. Hopefully it will help...but if your not interested just skip to the bottom :p

The 'true home cinema experience' your refferring to means that each speaker around the room has its own seperate audio channel, ie each speaker playsback different sounds. However for true surround sound the film or game or whatever you are watching must have a surround sound soundtrack. This would be either a Dolby Digital (DD) or a DTS soundtrack.

'Non true' surround sound, ie virtual surround sound, is what is causing your confusion. This is where a stereo source is upmixed so sound plays back through all of your speakers instead of just 2 of them. The stereo sound is cleverly manipulated to give the effect of surround sound. However this is fake surround sound and is notacibly different to true surround sound and dosnt always have the desired effect. Virtual surround sound can also be achieved through 2 seperate speakers where the stero sound is manipulated to bounce off walls and all sorts so it seems like you can hear sound from multiple directions. Again this may not always work well.

To fit a surround sound sountrack on a dvd the soundtrack must be compressed into a digital code, either a DD or a DTS code. This is similar to compressing a cd audio track into an mp3 so it takes up less space on your mp3 player. However the compression does reduce the quality of the original sound. However this loss in quality is unlikely to be noticable unless you have very good speakers or are an audiophile. This loss in quality can now be avoided with the introduction of Dolby True HD and a similar DTS equivalent, these codecs are a an exact replica of the original sound as the director recorded it, however these codecs are much larger files and take up far more space on a disc, they are so large they can only fit on new blu ray discs. But as you have a ps3 this should not be a problem. But as to wether you can have HD audio also depends on what surround sound kit you have.

So basically, to listen to surround sound you need to first decode the DD or the DTS code on the dvd/game. Your new TV looks like it would be able to do this, however it might be easier/simpler to just plug your dvd player/ps3 or whatever directly into your surround sound kit.

But all this would be easier to explain if we knew what equipment you have as then we could work out exactly how you could connect your stuff and what cables you need for it to all work.


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Too Funky has described it well

I think what you are trying to achieve is Psuedo surround from normal Freeview Tv programmes

This can be done so long as the Tv has audio out via Optical or RCA phono plugs and you have a amp that can recieve the outputs via optical or RCA
This then converts the stereo signal and transmits it to all 5 or 7 speakers

So in short i expect the TV you have can do this

Do you have an amp that can accept this signal ?



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before i say anything...thanks for the replys guys. I havent actually got any surround sound equipment yet, i didnt know if the tv would be able to support it, Im just going out just now to get one though, so I will try connecting it when i get back...i'll let you know how I get on.


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