Surround sound working except subwoofer :-(


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Hi everyone,

I thought I post a message here and see if someone can help before I start going mad. I have a denon avr 1912 connected to a monitor audio surround system with a vector vw-8 subwoofer. As the subwoofer has both left and right channels I have used two fisual subwoofer cables from that into a t piece subwoofer splitter on the amp as it only has a single output. On the sub I get a green light saying the sub is on and active but there is no bass/sound at all. I've read the instructions and have the pass filter set to on and tried everything - do I change the cables/splitter?? Any ideas?





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Usually you just connect to one of the inputs, and not both, check your manual for which. It's not impossible you might damage something wirring to both like that.

According to the manual for your sub a single connection only to the R input for an LFE feed from an AV amplier, you only use both if feeding from the pre-out section of a stereo amplifer.

Hopefully you haven't broken anything connecting both to the LFE out.
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Sorry I'm abit confused (this my first ever system setup). I've only have a pre out on the amp for the subwoofer (see pics). So I'm not too sure what a LFE out is?? Do I just connect the right cable from the pre out to right channel on the subwoofer? Is the splitter I'm using the right one? :confused:



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Sorry LFE Low Frequency Effects channel as in the sub-woofer pre-out of your AV amplifier.

It should according to manual of you sub be connected only to the 'R' input the left should be left unused. You should not be using a splitter at all just one cable from the sub woofer output of your AV receiver to the input marked 'R' on the sub. In your setup the 'L' input is not used and you may even damage the sub wiring it up as you have.


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Is the SW (LFE) channel turned on? Check in the setup menu in case it has inadvertently been turned off.

Did you run the auto setup using the mic? If you run a manual speaker test do you get sound from the subwoofer?

I would suggest reading the sticky post on bass management in the av receivers forum too to give you an idea of how to set the system up properly. You could also check that the sub is working by hooking it up to an analogue source from left/right output.

I don't know if batpig's guide covers the latest Denon receivers but it would still be worth downloading.

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