Surround sound without surround speakers


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Hi all,

I have recently moved into a new house, and as the living room is quite small and there is nowhere to discretely run cables I have opted to not put up any rear the interests of spousal pacification.

Since this decision was made, my good lady wife has expressed that she misses the surround sound...who'da thunk it? :rolleyes:

So...I guess you know where this is there a decent solution to surround sound without surround speakers? I know, for example, that Yamaha do (or did) something along these lines. Are any of these any good...and affordable?

Failing that, any wireless speaker solutions?

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks for the info. Looks good, but I've just ordered a new DVD player, so I don't really want to be forking out for something that includes another one...or more to the point, it would never get domestic approval, if you know what I mean!

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There are a few systems on the market trying to recreate 5.1 from 2.1, but there isn't as yet a convincing replacement for surround speakers.

Have you thought of in-ceiling speakers? They're discreet and can be painted the same as your ceiling.


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Now THAT is an interesting thought...hadn't even occurred to me.

Do they make speakers designed for such?


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I personally think it is possible to make a fairly workable approximation of surround sound by placing all the speakers on one wall.

Place the fronts and center down low and close to the TV, then place the rear/surround speakers high and wide on the same wall, and like I said, that should work pretty well.

Also, expand on this statement - " is nowhere to discretely run cables...". Sorry, but that seems unlikely. You can get 'channels' that look like baseboard molding to run the wire in. You can drill down through the floor, run the wires in the cellar, then back up through the floor at the back wall. You can get surface mount electrical conduit that is fairly discrete. Some people run the wires in plastic plumbing pipe that has been discretely and/or decoratively painted. There are options if you have some imagination and are willing to put a little effort into it.

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