Surround Sound Upgrade From Mordaunt MS906 905C 914


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Hi All,

My setup at the moment consists of:

Front: Mordaunt MS906
Center: Mordaunt MS905C
Rear: Mordaunt MS914
Subwoofer: Paradigm PS1000 (V2 I believe)
AV Receiver: Denon AVR-x1100w

The rear speakers MS914 is an odd one for sure as they're meant for the fronts but i got a good deal on them and being tall I didn't need to wall mount anything so that's the reason I've got those as rears.

I'm either looking for some better speakers in general or potentially invest into an AV Receiver supporting Atmos ceiling speakers.. I've never heard any before so I'm hoping to get some opinions on here as to what route you think would be better?

My living room is quite annoying with the size, it's 14ft 10 length by 11ft 4 wide but due to the layout I have to have the TV and Settee across the width only giving me 11ft 4 so a 7.1 was never really an option.

So yeah if anyone has any suggestions please list them :)


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Where do you feel you are looking sound making you feel you need to upgrade something?


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Where do you feel you are looking sound making you feel you need to upgrade something?
It's the "feel of Christmas" that's making me feel for an upgrade hehe. No, in all honesty I just enjoy surround a lot and my first surround was a Samsung Blu ray system which I thought sounded phenomenal, a few years later I sold that to my dad and it was personally listening to the two that I could appreciate just how lacking the Samsung was in every way.

So, I can also imagine with what's available nowadays that there's probably a noticeable step up to my Mordaunt setup. I have to say however that I am intrigued in the Atmos ceiling speakers though, I've heard people say that it creates a sort of "bubble" of sound which you would immediately miss if you reverted back to a typical 5.1/7.1 so it would be nice to hear some thoughts on that which would also require an AV receiver upgrade.

So yeah, honestly speaking I can't really say what I feel is lacking because it does already sound good (to me), but I also thought the same about the Samsung so I'm just open to opinions.. It may be that the Mordaunt is already a pretty good price to sound and maybe the Atmos is the better investment?..


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If you are looking to upgrade to atmos, the the obvious would be to upgrade would be to upgrade the avr so you can start the process. In doing this, you don't have to worry about using the same branded speakers as it just doesn't matter. What does seem to matter is choosing the right type of atmos speakers

From customers and users on these forums, the order of satisfaction seems to be, upward firing speakers, highs, in-ceiling 6/6.5" then in-ceiling 8" speakers

As for an avr, if you like the sound of the Denon, then upgrading to the 2700 would be the natural upgrade. The only issue is supply due to all the obvious issues going round and sadly this isn't just Denon, almost all brands are having the same issues meaning you could be waiting to enjoy atmos until it stock arrives


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As forum advertisers don`t have stock you can look other companies if there is "rush". PT has X2700H in stock and comes with 6year warranty + free hdmi cable. Also black friday price lock so it`s not likely to drop and even if it did you would get money back.

It`s not cheap upgrade at roughly 1k£ with speaker pair, but i think the receiver change would be in cards anyway. You can buy better speakers upgrading front three, but the X1100W is then the "bottleneck". This is bad time to buy av-receiver as the prices are sky high. Also next spring/summer Denon brings new models with more 8k hdmi 2.1 connections as they did that already with X1700H which was introduced week ago. I can`t help to feel the X1100W -> X2700H upgrade paying full price is not ideal way to go, it is closely same machine with same Audussey version so it will sound about same what you have now, you just pay for new features and connections. X3700H / SR6015 level would be more of upgrade, you just might have to wait until next year to see the prices coming down. They are now higher than they were at 2020 when first introduced! :thumbsdow

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