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Any advice gratefully accepted.

I have a home cinema system (JVC) connected to a Toshiba television. The connection is via a Scart lead. I also have Sky Digital which is connected to the television by Scart.

The home cinema system works fine and I can get full surround sound through my speakers. I would however, also like to be able to have my Sky Digital through the home cinema system to be able to enjoy the surround sound broadcast movies.

I have purchased a phono to phono cable and connected this from my home cinema to the tv. I am however. only getting sound from my two front speakers and the sub woofer. There is no sound coming through the centre speaker or rear surround speakers.

Could somebody please advise me on what I am doing wrong ? The system I have I am sure will be able to provide this functionality but I am frustrated at the moment that I cannot fully utilise it.

Any help would be gratefully received.



no center sound or rear means you are only getting stereo, have you connected the digi box directly to you jvc kit?


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The sound signal from $ky is (with odd exceptions, I think) stereo. That doesn't mean it isn't 'surround'. But it does mean that the signal is carried using two cables (left and right).

Assuming that

1: you have a stereo pair (either separate cables or SCART) running from your $ky box to your TV, and from your TV to your amp
2: your TV is set to the AV input (rather than a 'tuner' channel - RF)

then the stereo pair will carry surround information.

You need to tell your system to process the signal for surround - look for a 'Dolby Pro Logic' setting or similar.


My Freeview box is connected to my Home Cinema box using a SCART cable and tells me the sound signal is Dolby Pro Logic. It is not coming from the rear speakers tho' but my DVDs do. Would connecting with the Digital Audio Cable change this?

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