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Surround sound speakers advice if you please


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I wonder if anyone could recommend a speaker system (no dvd player/recorder required) for use with an xbox 360 and occasionally watching films ? My lounge is approx 12ftx12ft if that helps.

I am a mere novice with speakers, amps etc so you will have to bear with me.

My budget would be £100-£300. They do not need to be deafeningly loud just reasonably good.

Am I better getting some that achieve 5.1 ? Although I did see some that achieve 6.10 ? I understand you get 5 speakers with a system (for 5.1 anyway) do you always get an amp with it but a sub is optional ?

I have also read a couple of good reviews of one speaker that creates surround sound itself (I think it was a Bose one for approx £300 and it had lots of speakers contained in the one unit) - would this be a good idea ? As I said it doesn't have to all singing all dancing but at least this way there are less wires trailing around.

Sorry for all of the questions but hopefully someone can help.....:D


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I ended up going a bit higher in the end,
But I listened to that set up for a few mins playing Pirates of the Carribean, and was very very impressed for the money....

If thats your budget it should indeed be 'atop'' of your demo list...:clap:



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I cannot see the unit on the Bose website that had about 30 odd speakers all on one unit and bounced the sound around the room itself. It was approx £300 and was recommended in Empire magazine about 6 months ago.

Does anyone have one or know if they are any good ?


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I have done a bit of digging around and found a few systems that look ok.

Just wondered if anyone could give me their expert opinions........




As I said before, it is mainly for xbox 360 and the odd bit of sky and dvd. Sound doesnt have to be deafeningly loud but reasonable.


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This is the sort of thing I am thinking about. An all in one speaker that has the amp and sub built in. Spoke to a guy in Comet this evening and he said the sounds quality is excellent, just as good as a proper 5 speaker surround set up and so no wires trailed along the floor. This was reduced to £450 but still beyond my budget of up to £300.

I do not actually know what these are called though when looking for similar ones on the net. Does anyone know ? Or have a similar one ?

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