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Can anyone on here help? I have purchased these surround sound speakers; " Panasonic Surround Sound Speakers inc Subwoofer SB-HC270 SB-HF270 SB-HW270". I want to attached these to my new 4k Panasonic Tv. I have been told I will need an adaptor as these are for a blu-ray player/surround sound system. What adaptor will I need?

Hope you guys can help - in a pickle! lol

Pictures attahced are the speakers I have purchased and then the output on the rear of my tv.


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I've never heard of an 'adaptor' that will do that. You'll need to connect the speakers to an AV receiver or home cinema system/amp, which will decode the surround sound signal sent from the TV via HDMI 2 (ARC) or the digital optical (Toslink) connection.
Are you sure that is a picture of a "new" 4K Panasonic ? It doesn't look like one to be honest.

However, besides the point - as above you will need a home cinema AVR to decode and amplify. You are also likely to find that such speakers are not great performers, so you may be disappointed with the results.


That photograph is not of any current Panny 4K TV. There are no USBs, no SD slot and VGA is a real legacy product.

As for the speakers and sub they were part of an 'all in a box solution' and would certainly now need an AVR to drive them, if they can actually be used safely because of their ohm loading. Anything below 4 ohms is not recommended as being connected to a modern receiver. The sub itself is passive and cannot be connected to current AVRs.

I hope you didn't pay a lot of money for those speakers as they are pretty much useless.


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Those speakers are designed to be used with a dedicated Panasonic all-in-one system that has the amplifiers/crossovers etc dedicated to each speaker. They cannot be used on their own without this.

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