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I'm in a bit of a quandry as to what to do about surround speakers. I currently live in a flat, and the room doesn't lend itself to a full surround setup. I therefore bought an rx-v3900 and a pair of tannoy revolution signature dc6-t's, and added a bk xxls400 afterward, intending to go the full hog when I move.

I think that Tannoy are now discontinuing the revolution signatures? As they appear to be difficult to get hold of. Very few places are still advertising them, although Tannoys website still lists them in the range.

Obviously for matching to my fronts I need to get a dc6-lcr, but I don't think it is as critical to get matching surrounds. If you were in my position, would you seek out some bookshelf speakers from the revolution signature range before they all disappear, or just pick up something that is an acceptable cosmetic and sound match. I was considering maybe some monitor audio RX-FX speakers or some of Tannoy's newer revolution bookshelf speakers as alternatives, although I have seen conflicting information about mounting the MA's near walls which I would almost certainly need to do. Thoughts and advice welcome.




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The FX speakers are designed to by fitted flat to a wall so no issues there (it is the bookshelf RX1 etc. which do not like being near walls).
Personally I would always go for matching speakers all the way around hence I would be tempted to get some Tannoys now (hopefully on discount). That said if your sofa is going to be right against the rear wall then standmount speakers may not be the best option and something like the bipole/dipole speakers (RXFX) you have looked at would be a better option. Hence room layout needs to be taken into consideration when picking speakers.


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If your looking are rear fx speakers then either the monitor audio rxfx speaker or kef q800ds speakers should be on your wish list. The Kefs will perform nearer to your tannoy's as they use a similar system to the dual concentric speaker configuration "UniQ". Having said that if space is an issue then the monitor audio rxfx rear speakers will suit better as they have less depth.

Most dealers who are stockist of these speakers will have them on demo, so before you buy, go demo and listen to them for yourself. Both these speakers sound fantastic as rear fx speakers and will not disappoint. But only your own ears will tell you which one you prefer!



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Thanks for all your advice. Unfortunately I am too late to get hold of the speakers it seems, Richer Sounds are all sold out of the DC4 and DC6. I've ordered the centre speaker and will have to consider the normal Revolution speakers when I come to fit surround sound, or go on a second hand hunt.

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