Surround sound set up needed without dvd player...


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Sorry links didnt work - did you manage to see the ones I meant ? One Sony, one Pioneer and other Panasonic I think.

They all have 2 optical inputs though for a 360 and sky/dvd player I believe. Thats what I want it for mainly.

ush flynn

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andy the yammy doesnt exactly have everything does it... hdmi switching?
A lot of people are interested in the sony HT SS1000 and HT SF1000, you can get them for 210 and 280 respectively. Seem to be very good systems with coaxial and optical inputs and HDMI switching


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This is the sort of thing I am thinking about. An all in one speaker that has the amp and sub built in. Spoke to a guy in Comet this evening and he said the sounds quality is excellent, just as good as a proper 5 speaker surround set up and so no wires trailed along the floor. This was reduced to £450 but still beyond my budget of up to £300.

I do not actually know what these are called though when looking for similar ones on the net. Does anyone know ? Or have a similar one ?


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Jamie. I'm no expert, but I was interested in this sound projector from Yamaha. It can be got for around £400 if you look around. They also make another, bigger model (ysp 1000) which is about £750. Basically, there are 20 or so speakers in the box, which are configurable for optimum sound, taking account of positioning, nearby walls, furnishing etc.

Anyway, reviewers and contributors to this forum have given it mixed reviews. They say that from a single box, the results are surprisingly good, but not on a par obviously of a full 5.1 (or bigger) set-up.

However, the crucial factor with this speaker is the siting within a room. It loses out enormously when used in a corner set-up, and some have said, isn't worth the bother and indeed some have returned it as a poor job.
To get the best out of it , it apparently needs to be head on, central and equidistant to walls on both sides, so that the sound bounces equally off the walls and is projected most effectively to the listening position.

There are a few posts in the speaker forum, so do a search and have a look yourself.

Hope this helps!

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