Surround Sound problems from PC to Receiver

Matt Rage

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Hi all,

I have a Marantz 7400 receiver which works fine in surround sound with my PS2 or my DVD players. However I recently got a HD copy of Pulp Fiction, so decided to try playing that through my projector. To my surprise the video worked fine straight away, but the surround sound (Pulp Fiction is in 5.1) seems to be the problem. When I play it through my cheapy PC surround sound speakers upstairs, it plays fine in surround sound, but when I connect to my "proper" system downstairs at first I got nothing. After playing around with the software which came with my soundcard (its onboard my MSI motherboard and is connected to the receiver through the optical link) I found that if I put it in 7.1 mode, then the two side speakers come through the front 2 speakers, but nothing more. If I put it in 5.1 mode, I get nothing. As I say, both DVD players and PS2 work fine using the same optical link.

Anyone got any ideas?




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Several things you could try:

1. Under your dvd playback software, find the audio properties page for whichever audio decoder you are using and make sure that SPDIF pass-through is selected as the playback method for Dolby Digital and DTS.

2. If there's an option to enable SPDIF output under your sound card properties then make sure it's selected.
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