Question Surround sound playback via a media server ?

Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by freeflyer, Jun 5, 2017.

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    I have a 5.1 surround system consisting of:
    • Denon AVRX3300W
    • Dali Zensor 3s (fronts)
    • Dali Zensor 1s (rears)
    • Dali Zensor Vokal (centre)
    • XTZ 12.17 subwoofer
    I am considering investing in a media server and a NAS, but this is all new to me so I'm researching whether a setup like this will meet my needs.

    One important requirement is that the media server needs to be compatible with the various types of surround sound for the Denon AVR, such as Dolby Digital, DTS etc

    I have bought an Amazon Fire TV box which I have connected via HDMI to the Denon AVR.

    To test the setup I have installed 'Emby' on my Mac Book Pro and the Amazon Fire TV box.

    Before I invest in a NAS (any recommendations would be appreciated - a
    Synology DS115j has been suggested) I want to be confident that this setup will be compatible with my surround sound system.

    Q: Will a setup consisting of an Amazon Fire TV, Emby and a NAS allow me to watch movies in surround sound with no loss of audio quality ?

    I've come across the term transcoding (the Synology DS115j does this on the fly) - is this a good or bad thing ?

    Up until now I've used a HDD connected via USB to the TV (Samsung UE37C6000) and the optical digital audio out on the TV connected to the optical digital audio in on the Denon AVR. The problem is that some of the movies that contain surround sound encoding (stored on the HDD) will not play on the TV, so this is another reason for considering a media server. But at the same time I don't want the surround sound audio to suffer as I have invested a lot of money into my surround sound setup.

    I have 3 TVs connected via a wired LAN which I plan to use with the media server:
    • Samsung UE37C6000 (this is used with the Denon AVRX3300W surround sound system)
    • Samsung UE26EH4510
    • Samsung UE32K5500

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