Surround sound not working via TV optical out


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My setup is a little complicated but it should work just fine. My cable box goes into the Xbox via HDMI, the Xbox goes to the TV via HDMI, and the TVs optical audio out goes to the audio receiver. I do it this way so that all A/V content pushing to the TV should come out as surround sound. All devices have been set to surround (TV, cable box, Xbox, and audio receiver) sound but there are two things I'm not sure about. 1) When trying to use 5.1 uncompressed from the HDMI audio out the Xbox gives an error, something like my device does support surround sound (meanwhile my TV does support surround sound) so I am forced to use bitstream (not sure what the difference is) and 2) TVs SPDIF (optical audio) setting can be either RAW or PCM, regardless neither is pushing the HDMI bitstream audio in as surround out via optical, it is stuck in stereo.

Cable box: Verizon QIP 7232

TV: Element ELEFT436

Surround Sound Receiver: Sony BDV E370

Before I had optical audio coming from the Xbox to the audio receiver; surround sound worked flawless when on optical bitstream/dolby digital out, but this will neglect any other device I want to connect to my TV such as my laptop. For some reason the bitstream audio out over HDMI is stereo (not surround) but the bitstream audio out over SPDIF (optical) audio is surround. Can anyone explain why I can't get surround sound with the optical audio coming from the TV?

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