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Hi. i need good advice on surround sound. I have a very weird room and i was wondering if it is possible to make some sort of surround sound? If it is not possible i could use some advice on what is possible. The drawing is the room. The blue line is the screen and the red box is the couch. The corner of the couch is the spot where the sound should be best. I dont know if it make any difference but distance between the screen and the corner of the couch is approximately 4 meters or 13 feet. English is not my native language so go easy on me for gramma fudge ups.
Many thanks for any help.


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I assume you mean the centre of the couch in the corner of the room is the point you want to sit. If that is the case then surround sound is going to be next to impossible due to having no space to put the surround speakers which should be to the side/just behind you. A pair of bipole/dipole speakers (one on each of the walls behind the couch) may give some kind of effect but it will be compromised.
Given the room layout I would suggest getting a good quality 2.1 system. So get a stereo amp, with a pair of front L/R speakers and a good sub to fill in the low end.

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