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Hi guys,

i recently posted a problem i had which can be found here

this is now solved, i have connected the surround sound using rca cables red and white to a 3.5mm jack to go into the audio output on my tv (the headphone bit on the side near control buttons)

i then set my surround sound to aux2 turn the volume down on the tv and up on the surround sound but only hear very very low volume sound when the surround sound is on max!

any help in solving this problem, i surely cant be that far away from successfully getting sound through surround sound surely !"

any help much appreciated

thanks in advance



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Hi :hiya:
As you have connected via headphone socket on TV but still have to turn TV volume down suggests, either the connector isnt plugged in right or there maybe an option on TV Menu to switch of Internal sound
May also be an option to adjust headphone Volume output level there too
If there is just increase slightly but avoid too much or it will distort sound

But that isnt really the best connection to use in the first place
Does the TV not have rca audio L/R outputs on it
Or better still an Optical Digital output on it

Be better using either of those instead, the Optical one being the better choice

If using the rca out select AUX 2
If using the Optical out select D-In

As the output from TV will be Stereo only,you will need to select Dolby Prologic II on Samsung to get output from all speakers on system

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