Surround Sound Help Please?


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I have an Samsung LE46B650, Samsung HT-X725GT, Samsung Xbox Elite, Samsung BD1580 Blu ray player and Samsung V+ box. I am having difficulty using the surround sound as it only has one optical input.

I have to keep unplugging the cable out of the back of the surround sound base for either the V+, Blu ray or Xbox.

I bought a 3 way optical digital audio splitter which worked find when using my old xbox premium but when using the xbox elite connected it provided no audio output.

Is there any other way to maximise my surround sound system when it only has one input??


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You need a switch rather then a splitter.

Something like this.

A splitter is meant to take one source and split it to multiple destinations.

A switch is meant to select one of multiple sources to send to a single destination - which is what you want.




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So the switch works with the Blu-ray, your V+ box, or the old xbox 360 - but just not with your new elite?

Does it work OK when the elite is plugged directly into the optical on the sound system?


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yeah it works perfectly if plugged directly into the surround sound via optical. Ive tried all 3 sockets on the optical switch ive even unplugged the cable from the back on the V+ box (which is connected to the switch) and plugged it into the back on the xbox elite and still no joy. It seems the xbox elite doesnt like the switch.

Is there anyway i should be connecting the set up any different? Like an optical cable into the tv and let the tv send the sound to the surround sound via HDMI?

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