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    I want to get some surround sound headphones, preferably wireless. The main uses, in order, would be

    1) Playing games on my Playstation 2
    2) Watching DVDs.
    3) Listening to music

    I have a Philips Surround system, but its not getting much use after 8.30pm. (when the baby goes to bed). Neither my TV or the DVD will take the digital in (sound) of the PS2.
    So far, my favourites have been

    Sennheiser RS 130
    Have an option to turn on/off the surround sound mode. Can get for around £80 online.

    Philips SBCHC8580/05
    On special offer in your local Argos for £75.

    These two are both surround sound headphones. I'm not sure how that works, but I'm guessing they require your TV or DVD to support Surround Sound in the first place? Mine do, so that should be ok.

    Option B is to get headphones that will take the digital output of the PS2. That is, they come with a Dolby digital decoder.
    Limited choice in this area, heres one that I found.

    Rimax IF REAL 5.1 Wireless Headphones
    About £89, and only infra red.

    Thrustmaster Dolby
    Not wireless, but give an idea of what I'm talking about.

    I've never heard of Rimax before - are they any good?

    So I'm looking for advice - should I buy the surround sound phones? Or go for the decoder type?

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