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    I am in the market to purchase a new surround sound / entertainment system.
    Earlier this year i bought the new 26" Samsung LCD TV which I'm really happy with. I now need a system which does the following.

    Hard drive recorder with freeview build in.
    High Definition - Up-scaling
    DVD Player
    Surround sound

    Do i go for seperates?
    Do I wait until Blue Ray comes out?

    Someone please help we find the perfect solution.
    Budget: I'd like to spend nearer £500 however am willing to go to £1000 if the right system can be found.


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    Always choose separates. That way, when something changes or improves (or breaks, even) you can replace only what needs replacing.

    You say High Definition Upscaling. Is this in respect of regular DVDs, regular TV, Freeview? If yes, then you already have a fully functional scaler doing this job for you and you don't need another. It's in your TV. You can't make a standard definition source magically become high definition by upscaling; yes, you can change the signal to a high definition one, but you can't reveal more detail/information than exists - that's limited by the source.

    You say "Do I wait for Blu-Ray to come out" - presumably you mean for recordings, as it's already "out" for playback. But bear in mind - all of Freeview is currently standard definition (or less, actually, but let's not go there) so recording it (or any other source you are likely to encounter at present, except SkyHD) on Blu-Ray or any other High Definition medium isn't going to be much benefit. Again, you can't ever add more detail.

    But then, this is the advantage of getting separates; if or when we get high definition TV broadcasts in the mainstream, we may well begin to see high definition recorders and so on.......and when they become cost effective, that's when you buy a new component (and not a whole new system).

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