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    Like myself :) i dont use my PC along with my projector. I just have a panny and painted my wall. I want benefits of home cinema, but on a very tight budget. My next step was proper 5.1 surround sound. After much research and checking many reviews I thought i would share these two systems to plug directly into your DVD (or video, sky whatever :)

    Argos (new in stock they used to sell at Maplins) Videologic surround sound system with built in amp. Okay its very cheap at £79 incl VAT, but you get 5.1 sound, you can adjust the rear, front, central and woofer separately from each other, you get a built in amp and nice long wires for the speakers. I expected well .... really really bad sound and distortion when playing loud - but no! they are fine for my needs (which albeit are not high) i am very pleased with the sound indeed. *Extremely* happy for the price.


    The other option (which i will receive in two days) are these one, they are rated highly in reviews and one mentioned they had no idea how they sell at this price. 120w, built in amp again and see for yourself on the link below. I will post here to tell you how i find them once i get them this weekend. These ones in particular were highly rated - but i will confirm at the weekend.


    May not be for many peoples likes, but any lurkers whom have not much cash - you may want to try these out.


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