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hi guys i got a auna surround sound and it has 6 rca connectors which need to go into the back of my Panasonic blu-ray player or Panasonic tv but niether have 6 they both only have 2 ((white and red ) need 3 red 3 white):thumbsdow
please help?
thanks dan :)


connect the 2 audio out from the bluray player to the FL and FR and try that, no centre though so could be a bit odd. You issue is your bluray will output multichannel via optical and hdmi but your amp doesn't have modern connections. You might be able to get a converter box of some sort but more likely its cheaper to get a cheap basic amp with the right connections.


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Right, that's how you get surround sound this century ;) but your speakers don't have hdmi in/out or optical/coaxial digital ins, it's 'only' analogue.

Some bd players have 5.1 (or even 7.1) analogue outs, which is what your speaker system needs, but it seems your bd hasn't, so you won't be able to get surround sound with your combination of equipment, I'm afraid.
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