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Hi Everyone,

I have just joined the 21st century after buying a new Samsung LE32N73BDX LCD TV and a Sony DAV-ZV410 Home Theatre System. I have come from using normal CRT TV, SKY Digital and Video combination and there are that many cables and connections possibilities that I dont know how to get the best out of it. This is how I have set it up at the moment.

My Amstrad SKY Digital reciever is connected to the Sony via the VCR SCART connector. The remaining SCART on the SKY Box (TV SCART) is connected to the AV2 SCART on my TV. I have a spare RGB Connection on the TV and some Yellow, White and Red Phono connections on the side (hoping to use those for my PS2). There are some Component Video Out connections on the back of the Sony and some Component Video Inputs on the TV (could it be that simple?)

I can only get sound from the Sony by playing it through the SKY, the sound has to come through the TV for normal terestrial transmissions. There is full 5.1 Surround Sound if I play a DVD through the Sony, which even though it is not directly connected to the TV obviously routes itself through the SKY. I cannot get true DOLBY Surround Sound through normal SKY channels.

Well thats about the size of it, any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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