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I hope someone has the expertise to help me.

As usual when I get an mkv file containing an HD movie with accompanying multi channel audio I convert it for playback on my Playstation 3 console. I do this with PS3Video 9 or if the file is less then 4GB, I will convert, or, repackage the file as M2TS.

The problem is I now have surround sound capabilities, and only recently discovered that PS3Video 9 changes the audio to 2 channel.

So excluding the files smaller than 4GB, I cant maintain the 5.1 surround sound when using PS3Video 9.........can this be confirmed please.....?

The beauty of converting to MP4 with PS3Video 9 is the file size is dramatically reduced enabling me to bypass the restrictions of the FAT file system used by the PS3 and my external HDD, meaning I can plug and play directly.

I have an idea of trying to keep the surround sound audio and smaller file size and that is to;

Convert mkv with PS3Video 9

Open both the mkv and the newly converted mp4 with mkv merge.

Uncheck the mkv video file and mp4 audio, leaving the smaller converted video file and the existing dts/aac audio.

Merge said files into an mkv , hopefully now with a much smaller file size.

Then repackage the new smaller mkv to M2TS.

I really feel as if I am babbling a bit.

Could someone confirm if this could essentially work? And any other advice on acheiving my goals would be greatly appreciated....

Thanks in advance......:D


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Come on me.............please.......


Use MKV2VOB. Use the option for USB output and it will split the file to get round the Fat32 limitation.

better still output to a larger than 4Gb file and stream it or copy it across network to the PS3 using PS3 Media Server and suffer no quality loss.

If you shrinking MKV's to below 4gb then you are reducing quality...

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