Surround sound amplifiers for around £250 mainly for gaming on pc


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Just after recommendations/advice for choosing a surround amp mainly for connecting to pc for gaming and occasional download of films. I don’t have much space so not bothered with a high wattage amp. And also am I correct in thinking that receivers means they have radio tuners? As that I’m not interested in, especially if this saves money. Brands I’ve always been interested in are Yamaha and Sony. Although I’m not sure if I could get a Yamaha for this price, but Sony often do good value amps from time to time. I also plan to just use my current small stereo speakers for the front and try and get something similar for the rear and centre. How important is it to have matching speakers, as I’d rather try and get smaller rear speakers. And later on get a small half decent subwoofer. I actually have a 10” car subwoofer a Maclaren one which I’ve never used and if I don’t use it for the car, may try make a cheap box and see how I get on. Does anyone have good ideas on how to choose? At the moment space is limited but want to ten and get something that, if I can use a bigger room, will still be sufficient or leave good options for upgrades. Sorry I’m sure I could have asked this in a shorter post, but was typing as thinking. But any recommendations, advice will be appreciated l. And hope I can offer good opinions ideas for things like car audio.


For £250 you need to scour the classifieds for older used models. Speaker wise always best to have the front three from the same brand and model range it's not written in stone that the surrounds need to be the same. A car subwoofer will not work as you need a powered one with LFE input.


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As above - there are plenty of capable older avrs around for less than £200 on the secondhand market. Just bare in mind that you probably won’t be getting Dolby Atmos or 4k compatibility for that money.

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