Surround Sound Amp/DVD player isolate Music track only?


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This maybe a strange question but thought it maybe best to ask here

Are there any DVD players that can isolate just the music soundtrack of tv or dvds with a specific setting that cancels the sound effects and voices on a film or tv just leaving the music track?

I had an old Sony DVD player many years ago with an early version of 5.1 surround sound with small speakers.

The DVD player had around 6 settings for different surround settings for the speakers like “cinema” “hall” “standard stereo” etc.
I am convinced a couple of times that when hooked up to headphones or just the stereo phono outputs that cycling through these presets cancelled the voice and sound effects to effectively leave the music soundtrack only?

I am not sure what I was doing exactly but know that these are on different tracks due to different languages etc.

Is there anything available now that would do this with TV running through it and / or a dvd ? Maybe this is a standard now as this was 20 years ago (if it did indeed work) so looking for a box that would do the same today if it’s possible?

Thank you
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