Surround sound advice for a technical 'spanner'!

Hi guys. Not even sure if this is the right place to post, but I'll ask anyway and see what comes back.

Have just bought a new LCD TV (Toshiba 37wlt66) and DVD player (Philips DVP-5960) and am now wanting to go the whole hog and have surround sound!
Wanting to find out the best way of achieving this. The homework I have done is, shall we say, inconclusive. Partly due to the fact I don't really know what I'm looking for!

I take it I need an amplifier to channel the sound from the DVD player to the speakers. Does it need to have a specific decoder?

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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If you gave a budget that would help. But yes you will need an AV amp and speakers and that can range from £250 for a cheap starter system to £1000's.
Also do you need the speakers to wall mount/stand mount/floorstanders.
Should also add.......If I'm right about the set up in my OP, does anyone know anything about a Sony TA-VE170 amplifier? I know the model is a few years old now but have seen one advertised for peanuts and wondered if it would do the job with my DVD player.

Does the amplifier need to have a specific decoder, or would any one do connected to the DVD player and then let it do its work?

Thanks for the reply!

I don't really have a budget in mind, but not that bothered about spending a lot of money on a system, hence having a look at second hand models. Neither the TV or DVD player are top of the range, and I'd just like to have something to enjoy my DVD's, PS2 etc.

As for the speakers, I haven't given it much thought! Told you I was a 'spanner' at this! I don't really mind whether they go on the wall or are floor standing, just trying to guage what is required first and then see what is available.

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