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Does it make a large difference if my sound left is about 2 feet further away from the listener than my surround right? they can be mounted at the same hieght but my left wall is slightly farther away.

Ian J

It will make very little difference in the surround speakers as they are very difficult to space equally anyway unless you only have one listener.


Distinguished Member
Your amp/receiver's delay times/speaker distances will help compensate anyway. :)


alright thx guys. 1 more question how far apart should the front speakers be? i saw that they are suppose to be 45deg but im not going to be able to get them that far away. i am only going to be able to get each speaker about 4 feet from the tv 8 feet from each other. am i going to have to rearrange my room? they are just outside the sides of my couch. will a person on the side of the couch still be able to hear the surround? even though one speaker will only be about 1 feet to his outside and about 5 feet forward??i I am afrard they might here that one as closer to center? is this setup going to be bad?

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