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I'd been looking at the possibility of decoding sound in an HTPC and running directly to a 5 channel power amplifier but, as ralphmalph suggested, it ain't quite that easy! As a result I'm now wondering if you lovely people can recommend a surround sound processor.

I don't need any form of amplification (but don't mind it being there so long as the 5 channels have pre outs), I can survive without video switching (although I'd much prefer to have it if HDMI), and I don't mind about the very latest formats so long as it will deal with at least DD/DTS in 5.1 format. So far so easy. The problem is that I have a very limited size envelope - no more than 42cm to include cables and radii at the rear and (ideally) any controls at the front. It seems most of the "standard" units are about 5-10cm too deep to fit the bill (incidentally max width is 50cm and height about 25cm). Any suggestions for a decent quality unit would be very much appreciated. In terms of quality/price, it'll be paired with something like a Linn AV5125 or Majik5100 and probably Definitive Technology speakers.

Oh, and apparently silver and titanium is now passé, so black would be ideal.

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Sounds like a Meridian 565 or 568 would be ideal. Small, very high quality sound and black. Only problem is you will need to find a used one but there are plenty about. From choice a 568 would be best buy

Hope this helps


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David, Scotty

Thanks both for the suggestions. I'd not thought of the Meridian kit, but this will actually be for my parents so I suspect they'd prefer to buy new - excellent second choice though.

Now, the Audiolab, if that does indeed come out at the same kind of depth, looks like it would be just about perfect. The blurb still says "available July 2007" but no other info yet it seems, despite it being late August - are IAG still a sound investment?


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Thanks for the idea Richard, but I think that with IAG's revamp of brands it's only speakers that are now branded as Mission, all electronics come out as "Audiolab"



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What's your budget for this? If you're looking at Linn power amps, why not a Linn processor?

The AV5103 is the perfect partner for an AV5125, and although it only handles DTS and DD5.1 (i.e. none of the newer formats or 6+ speakers) it has a lovely sound quality, and the case is exactly the same size as the 5125. However, it's only available second-hand now.

The new equivalent would be the Akurate Kontrol and Majik 5100.


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Thanks all, having looked further into the Audiolab it certainly ticks all the boxes, and IAG have confirmed that it's a suitable depth too.

Incidentally, if anyone else is wondering about the availability date, the delay is apparently due to waiting for HDMI certification - there is no new forecast!

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