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Okay, I have a Sagem Axium HDd45. My sony dvd player with spaekers (surround sound unit) is connected to my sky box via scart, sky box to tv via scart. My games consoles to dvd unit via red, yellow and white cables, (not sure what they are called).

Now when ever I turn sky on via the tv function on the dvd it comes in no problem. But when I select either dvd or one of the games systems (I turn off the sky box) from the dvd unit the tv don't pick them up on screen. Even if I direct scart from dvd to tv nothing.

I can't remember for the life of me how I got it all to work before. I apologies if i'm in the wrong forum. Any help out there?


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What is the model number of the home cinema system? Is there any reason why you're looping everything through the sky box? How many SCART inputs does your TV have? What games consoles are they?


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The system is a Sony SA-WS8. It only has the one scart socket witch is connected to the sky box. The consoles are a 360 elite and a Wii. The tv has 3 scart sockets. One in use going from tv to sky.


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The system is a Sony SA-WS8. It only has the one scart socket witch is connected to the sky box.

Why is its one scart socket connected to the Sky box and not connected to the TV? Seeing as you presumably want to watch its output on the telly?


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Are you sure that is the model number for the home cinema system and not just the subwoofer? I couldn't find much information on the Sony SA-WS8. Basically I am trying to find the available connections. Please can you provide a link, preferably to an online manual. This will assist the good folks here in establishing the best possible setup. Until I know this, I'm kind of guessing!

While you're at it, any information on the TV might prove helpful. I'm afraid it sounds like your kit is old so google isn't turning up much.

Presumably you are looping the Sky audio through the Sony via SCART i.e. there is no red/white analogue audio cable going from the sky box to the Sony system?

In the meantime, I would suggest connecting SCART cables from both the Sony system and the Sky box. Ensure they are set to RGB in their respective setup menus to make sure you're outputting the best possible picture.

Picking up on your first post, you said that your games consoles are connected via composite video (yellow/red/white) cables to the SA-WS8 or are the video cables going direct to the TV?

Please tell me that your Xbox 360 is connected via either component video (green/blue/red) or HDMI to DVI (or HDMI to HDMI using a DVI adapter) to your TV? If not, I would suggest you do as you are not getting HD. In fact you are using the worst possible connection resulting in a rubbish picture!

The best connection from the wii is component video and if this is not being used on the TV, I would purchase an optional component video cable for the wii and use that.

To recap this is how I would connect it (video side):

Sky to TV via SCART (set to 16:9, RGB and SCART Control On in picture settings menu)
Sony SA-WS8 to TV via SCART (set to RGB in picture/video settings menu if applicable)
Xbox360 Elite to TV via HDMI to DVI (or HDMI to HDMI w/ DVI adapter at the TV end)
Wii to TV via composite / component video

The audio side will depend on what audio connections your Sony system has.

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