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Surround, Floorstanders, under £1000?


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Hi All
A good few years ago now, I bought a high end (for a one box) surround system, as an easy way to dip my toes in to surround sound, its fantastic, and I've been bitten by the bug and want more.

After baiting and switching by looking at a sound bar for upstairs, I've finally got "she who must be obeyed" to sign off on a new surround sound system downstairs and moving the one box upstairs.

Now, I kinda want 4 floor standers, but, I dont really have a reason for that and the Tannoy V4s for 4 floor standers, the matching centre and sub comes in at £850 ish, the short version is only, cough, £600.
Its pretty much the same story for the similarly budgeted Monitors.

Is there much of a reason beyond aesthetics to go for the bigger speakers?
Would roughly £250-£300 on AVR be in the ball park for that sort of level of speaker expenditure?

Is trying to squeeze a 5.1 system of floor standers under £1000 reasonable?

Joe Fernand

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Far more reasons to not go for full range, floor/stand mounted loudspeakers in many rooms.

How the loudspeaker interacts with the room (esp the bass) will dictate where you ideally place the speaker cabinets - with many full range cabinets wanting some space between the cabinet and the rear wall they are not ideal.

Additionally Movies are mixed for use with limited range loudspeakers plus a Sub - even where your Loudspeakers are 'full range' you would set your AVR to 'Small'.

The Front LCR cabinets want to place the drivers at your seated ear level whilst the Surround and Rear cabinets want to be above your seated ear level, difficult to achieve unless you use tall stands on the Surrounds and Rears. Wall mounted cabinets are usually more practical.

Match your loudspeaker choice to your room/room layout/mounting options



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I would agree with above. Floorstanders are really not suitable for surrounds/rears due to the height issue if nothing else. What size/layout is your room? Is the sofa against the rear wall or more in the middle of the room?
On the budget split you are not far wrong there. The general advice is that you can spend 2 to 3 times the price of the AVR on the speakers to get the best from the AVR hence your proposed spends are not too far from this. If anything you are slightly weighted towards the speakers which is no bad thing.


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Room is about 12ft wide, 20ft long, and has a built out fireplace on the left, sofa right at the back (not ideal but the room is the room)
TV is in a big cabinet thing (ikea), three under cupboards, two big side units and three overs, so it sounds like front floor standers on the cabinet is a truly dreadful idea?
They would be approximately 20cm above head height at the rear, but that doesn't sound like it would be high enough either?

So for TV, unless you are doing a lot more about your room than I am, floor standers are a bit pointless?
Did 7.1 ever come to anything?


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Given your layout I would look at dipole/bipolar speakers for the rear. No speaker is going to sound its best on or in a cabinet so that is best avoided. A floorstander needs to be on a solid surface and not a cabinet.
7. 1 is available on some blurays but given your room layout I would stick with 5. 1.

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