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Surround DJ mixer


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I want a mixer that has several 7.1 audio inputs (as n x 8xRCA, HDMI or SPDIF) and lets me mix those 8-channel sources same way as if They were 2-channel stereo sources and I was using a stereo mixer. Only difference that in this case each source and mixer output has 8channels instead of two channels. The volume of all 8 channels of each source would follow one slider handling the specific source. Additionally it would be nice to have smaller controller for adjusting volume of each 8 channels within each source. Obviously the mixer would also provide master volume control adjusting all 8 channels with one slider.

Why I want to do it is because I want to be able to mix soundtracks from two movies/players, in my work as a kind of movie DJ. Some of connected sources might have content only in the L and R channels but I wouldn't have to care, all inputs could handle 1-8 channel media, from mono mic to bluray movie.

But seems I can dream on because looks like I am about only one in universe who wants to do this. Can't find any reasonble solution.


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Firstly, S/PDF is limited to 7 channels of audio for Dolby Digital and DTS and cannot carry 7.1 formats. It is also limited to 2 channels if dealing with PCM encoded content.

More importantly, HDMI is primarily a video interface and not likely to be featured on a DJ mixer.

You are basically limited to using high end video mixing desks and even these will not allow you to mix audio in the manner you appear to want to mix it? You may also want to explore the possibility of using a PC with a video card that accepts multiple HDMI inputs combined with video editing software, but you'd probably find that this contravenes the HDCP copyright protection employed by HDMI?

There's this:
CMX-12 - HD/SD Digital AV Mixer


but again, I doubt you'll get away with using it without running into HDCP issues?

When receiving content that has HDCP encryption there will be no video output except for HDMI output port

The HD/SD Digital AV Mixer - CMX-12 will cost you about £1,700.

I can only suggest you restrict yourself to the analogue stereo output if wanting to mix the audio from two films together. The stereo analogue output will include all the channels apparent in the dicrete multichannel audio, but mixed down into two channels.You should theoretically be able to reconstruct the original channels to some extent if you then pass the mixed stereo sources through a Dolby Pro Logic processor prior to amplification.
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