Surround Delays


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Just wondering how to set-up rear speaker delays, i have already set the distance but don't know how to work out the delay? is the a formula?


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If you've keyed in the speaker distances then the amp will take care of the delay times automatically. :) For the record, 1ms = 1ft roughly. So for every 1ft you are away from the speaker you add 1ms.

Ian J

On my amp you don't have to set two seperate functions as inputting the distances automatically sets the delays


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Originally posted by bass007
I have to do mine manually, I have an Onkyo 989 THX reciever
THX Amps/Receivers should have a speaker distance input where you just key in the distance you are from each speaker and it sorts out the rest. I'm sure it's part of the THX spec.
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