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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Sam, Mar 31, 2016.

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    I've lived in a flat for a number of years so have been operating a 3.0 system using Mission 773E fronts and a 77C1 centre. I've now started an extension at a new house (I say new, I moved in 2 years ago!), details of which are in this thread. I'm now planning the AV for the new living room and I'd like to get 2 new rears and 2 ceiling speakers which will go with a new Atmos amp.

    The rough room setup is as follows:

    Living Room Speaker Setup.jpg

    Don't attack me on the speaker placement as it's just a diagram for the electrician, not a definitive design!

    Budget is being stretched by the build and I quite like my 773Es (the 77C1 is physically but not sonically damaged so might need to go at some point too), so I'm looking to add some new speakers to the rear rather than replace everything. I could potentially get the matching 77DS rears 2nd hand, but just wondered if there were any relatively unobtrusive rears that anyone could suggest which would suit?

    Suggestions for ceiling speakers would be appreciated too. :)


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