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Hi all currently sourcing parts for my first proper set up currently I have two jbl 306 and a bk gemini I know powered monitors are not always ideal but got them for a great price.

I am soon to pair them with a nr1607 so will have a pre out for L and R ideally a centre would be another 306 or 305 but not an option.

So I'm looking for some recommendations for a matching centre surround L and R and some front height atmos for a 5.1.2 system.

I have been thinking q acoustics 3010 as surrounds and a 3090 centre with maybe minx 11,12 front height? Anyone any experience with matching surround to the jbls thanks all l.


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Found a good deal on a pair of bronze fx that I will use as surrounds anyone any experience with these?

Seem perfect for me as the couch is flat against the back wall so mounting these to the side walls should be perfect


You should try and match the centre to the left and right speaker. Hopefully from the same model range but certainly from the same manufacturer. This would help keep good timbre across the front stage.

The FX make for good surrounds with the seating against a back wall and is often the best option. They should be placed just above seated head height with an Atmos layout in mind.


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Hi thanks the the reply,

I would of ideally used another 306 as my centre laying down but I won't have a centre channel pre out.

I'm going to do some more research into centre channels see what people can recommend for a matching centre.

For the front heights I've decided on picking up two minx 12.

Very excited to be getting a proper setup now can already see myself looking to upgrade the sub.

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