Surround Amp/Receiver with A/B switching for a second room


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Hi, I am looking for a surround amp/receiver for my living room. However I need to run a second pair of stereo speakers into another room for audio source (CD, Radio etc).

I would like to be able to play stereo music in both rooms concurrently.

I do not need to run full surround and stereo music in the other room at the same time.

Can any one recommend an amp that will do this. Happy if the rear surround channels can be reconfigured to run stereo in a second room. Idealy a front panel button or remote button to switch would be good.

I have up to £500 to spend



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Arcam AVR300 would be superb but even second hand is £800, you could check if the cheaper 250 can also do it- I think it does


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Most mid-range av receivers will do what your looking for.Denon's 2106,2107 is a really good multi-source multi room receiver in your price range.Arcam's avr200 & 250 were discontinued,and replaced with the 300&350.


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I'm like a salesman for Onkyo, just linked this in the next post.:D

This amp will do exactly what you require and also has the benefit of HDMI upconversion. You can even have 7.1 and a stereo source somewhere else.

If HDMI upconversion isn't necessary, take a look at the Onkyo 604 which is only 400 quid and will do the same thing.:smashin:


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if you keep an eye on the forums here, Denon 3803's come up every so often, usually end up going for £300ish, they have multi room, you can either use the 3803 to power the speakers, or send a pre-out signal to an amp in the other room to do the powering....

it has plenty power on tap to run most speakers even while using 5.1 in one room and stereo in another should you need to....

its a little limited video wise to component upconversion, no HDMI......but if you are really only interested in the multi room function then this should suit you, ok it'll be second hand, but they are pretty solid units, not much to go wrong compared to the more recent versions....


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Hi folks thanks for the replys, I have an Arcam stereo amp that I really like and I had looked there already but they are a bit pricey. The Denon 2106 looks good. Going to find one to listen to.




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All good amps suggested - add the Yamaha RX-V559 to the mix...

not a problem.....i got mine for 260 quid here in Asia.

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