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Surround amp rear power amp front speakers

Discussion in 'AV Pre-Amp/Processors & Power Amps' started by zerovis, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. zerovis


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    Help greatfully recieved. I want to use the surround amp (Sherwood RVD-6095RDS) to power the rear and centre speakers and my NAD C 370 amp to power the front speakers. It sounds simple, then again I might be the simple one, but I can't find a solution.
    I want to be able to:
    1. Listen to CD's via Sony CDP-XA50 ES
    2. Watch DVD's in surround sound via Sony DVP-S725D
    3. Listen to SACD's via Sony SCD-XE670

    CD Player Sony CDP-XA50 ES
    SACD Player Sony SCD-XE670
    DVD Player Sony DVP-S725D
    Minidisc recorder Pioneer MJ-D707
    Television Goodmans GTV69W3


    Music NAD C 370
    Music Rotel RA-820B
    Surround Sherwood RVD-6095RDS


    Main Eltax Liberty 5+
    Subwoofer QEL Quake
    Centre KEF
    Rear Whafedale Denton 2


    Front QED Silver Anniversary Silver - Biwire
    Centre QED Silver Anniversary Silver
    Rear QED Silver Anniversary Silver
    CableTalk Broadcast 3
    Cambridge Audio Pacific
  2. theo cupier

    theo cupier
    Active Member

    Sep 18, 2004
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    Amersham, Bucks
    I'm basically doing the same thing you are trying to do, except that my surround processor doesn't handle front speakers at all, so I am forced to use separate amplification for the fronts. Try this:

    If the Sherwood has pre-outs for the front speakers, use a pair of interconnects to hook these up to any input (not the phono stage) on the stereo amp.

    Plug your CD player in to the stereo amp.

    Plug your DVD player in to your surround amp.

    For CDs keep the Sherwood OFF and just run the 2-channel amp & front speakers like normal.

    For DVD playback, you will need the Sherwood and stereo amp on. Run the Sherwood as normal. Turn the stereo amp to whichever input the Sherwood is connected to and viola the front speakers will be working.

    You will need to spend a little time setting up the SPL of the front speakers (adjusting the volume of your stereo amp to get the same levels out of the fronts as the centre & rears). Don't worry if you end up with the volume set far higher for this channel than for CDs direct. You may ultimately find that it sounds less than optimal because your front l/r are getting different amplification from the rears and - more noticeably - centre. In which case, get a 5-channel power amp and a stereo pre-amp (that's what I did)!

    I can't comment on the SACD because I know nought about them.

    If your Sherwood doesn't have pre-outs then you are probably going to have to get a second pair of speakers and run 2 systems in parallel.
  3. zerovis


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    Thanks Theo,
    all up and running now. There were a couple of jumpers on the NAD C 370 that had to be placed between the pre out 1 and main in phono inputs. Followed your directions and Bingo! surrounded by the sound.

    Now I have to tweek the REL Quake sub woofer to avoid a wooly bass. Hmmm....

    Cheers for the help, more power to your Amp!


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