Question Surrond Speaker Cable in Wall - How to get a neat finish?


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I'm routing some surround sound speaker cable under floorboards and up a wall to wall-mounted speakers. I'm going to cut out thin channels in the plaster up the wall to where the speakers will be and then plaster over the cable once in place. The internal wall in question is brick with about 25mm depth of plaster applied to it, there is no cavity between the plaster and brick.

At the Amplifier end I'm putting the cables into a standard "light switch" style back box along with other cables and will put a brush plate over it. At the speaker end I want a neat finish where the speaker emerges from the plaster behind each speaker. The backboxes and brush plates would be huge in comparison to the speakers and seem massively over the top for a single speaker cable each.

I've been googling for some kind of finishing "thing" but don't really know what I'm looking for. I've stumbled across "wall grommets" which look like the right kind of size but are designed to go into cutouts in plasterboard - I don't have anything to plug them into. Ideally, I want a back box for some kind of 20-30mm finishing plate I can screw into place but that doesn't seem to exist!

Ideas anyone?


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Thanks, PsyVision that looks promising and better than anything I have found :). It would mean cutting the cable to wire into the posts - is there something similar with just holes for the cable to pass out of?


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You could use oval plastic tubing, to run the cables up the walls in your chase. The 20mm wide ones, are 10mm deep. Do you really need anything where the cables emerge from the plaster finish; just poke them out behind the speaker mount.

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