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Surprised by the price of Jaguars


Took a friend out today because he wanted to buy a Jag X-type estate. He liked it and bought it.

What I found interesting was that for the price he paid you can get a one year newer (approx) Mondeo estate with similar mileage etc for the same price. I'd always looked at Jags as been super expensive cars but obviously not.

I don't follow what goes on in the car world and can only assume Jag started making some cars for a lower market.
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Jag X type, top end is about £30K, about 3 series Beemer money and yes, Jag (when owned by Ford) did make a decision to do a more 'regular' car ...but the other thing thats happened is that Ford have got more and more expensive - a Mondeo is not a cheap family saloon anymore, top spec ones are well into BMW territory so I guess the Jag and Ford have met in the middle :D


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I have had a few Jags over the years love them best one i owned was one of the last XJS 4.0L cars that they made a 1996 model it was stunning for me one of the last real Jags.

Dont like the X type at all myself but i must say i do like the new XF had a drive of one a while ago and it was a very nice car.

But how about one of these a fully rebuilt as new car from Knowles Wilkins Engineering -

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Dont like the X type at all myself....

I thought the interior was very nice but wasn't over keen on the exterior.

What I did find weird was, having not been in a car with leather seats, when he went around a corner I was sliding all over the shop (I was sat in the back). The seatbelt saving me from going from one side of the car to the other.

On the way back we called in at a Ford dealer and had a look at an 08 Mondeo estate. Now that is a car of beauty and one I will have one day.


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What I found interesting was that for the price he paid you can get a one year newer (approx) Mondeo estate with similar mileage etc for the same price.

what age is it, i thought under the bonnet of the x-type there was a mondeo engine anyway, at least the diesels.


An 04 plate. He was saying that it is the Mondeo engine with some tweaks?


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Don't some jags sit on the mondeo platform.

The X-Type does sit on the Mondeo platform, and shares a number of components (from chassis to standard things like windscreen washer motors etc) - no bad thing as the Mondeo is a very good, well-built car.

However the engine, suspension, steering etc are very different and uprated on the Jag - I drove both the X-Type and the Mondeo and they were like chalk and cheese in terms of performance, ride and handling. Hence why I bought the X-Type :smashin:

With pricing, one of the reasons for a lower differential is that the X-Type suffers from pretty horrible early depreciation. When I bought mine the list price new for the model I've got (2.2D Sport Premium Estate) was £32K: I got mine at 6 months old with 9k miles, from a Jag main dealer, and paid well under £20K for it :eek:

Has been an excellent car, but now looking forward to swapping it for an XF early next year :thumbsup:

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