Surge Protectors - Are they really necessary?

Mr Kennedy

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Hi guys

I will be doing my new home cinema build in the coming weeks and will need to run a few more double sockets for all the Av equipment. Currently all Av stuff runs off a 8 way surge extension lead. But i will be now running all the equipment directly into the new wall sockets.

And also running the TV directly into the new socket on the wall.

Now surge proctors were not in my plans only when i have started to take things down and seen it that it asked the question are these really needed?

Any advice would be great


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I used to live near Southampton and there are was a really bad storm one Friday afternoon with a ground strike at the Holiday Inn east of Southampton (no-one hurt but blew part of the roof off).
Saturday morning I was at Novatec along with many others buying parts for my new PC. :blush:
B&Q do some reasonably priced ones.


I've always used them as they are fairly cheap and do offer extra peace of mind IMO. However AFAIK I've never needed them to prevent damage to my equipment, but had I not had them I might have known about a few spikes that have gone unnoticed.



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I've had equipment damaged by a strike and would not now connect equipment without one.

Guess the likely hood of being struck again is small but the outlay was small



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