Surface Go alternative - small sexy form-factor laptop options


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My son has seen the Surface Go and fancies one for Christmas but I can't helping thinking there will be better spec'd £500ish options worth considering.

He likes his tech and is attracted to the form-factor of the Go which I'll admit is nice with the add-on keypad cover, so whatever I choose needs to be similarly easy on the eye.

It needs to be a Windows device and £500-£600 so I'm thinking there must be a nice little laptop for that price which would run rings around the Go in performance.

His needs are pretty modest with browsing/streaming being the majority of use though I imagine he'll want to be using it for Photoshop very soon as he is tinkering with that.

Can anyone suggest something that ticks the above boxes?

I have a surface pro and I agree with your son that the form factor is brilliant. Sure there will always be better specified machines. But as a package it’s pretty good. Only alternative that I can think off that is comparable is to get a second Pro version instead of the Go version for that additional power.


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I've decided to give the Go a go!
I've got a decent bundle price for the 8GB version and reviews seem overwhelmingly positive for modest use so we'll see.

To be honest after my son has seen Unbox Therapy YouTube guy eulogising about it he'll probably be largely forgiving of performance issues!
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