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I'm connecting a freeview to a JS RGB2VGA converter then into a panny plasma.

Does anyone know if there will be a quality difference between a
Supra AV6 RGB cable & QED AV21 Cable, bearing in mind that it's being used for a RGB2VGA converter.

The supra is quite abit dearer also anyone know the best price. The best i've seen is £70...

Also don't know much about supra hope it's not like monster cables just the name and no quality....

Joe Fernand

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Crikey - there must be some sort of record in the making for how many ways to ask the same question :)

You'll see a less grainy image if you get a decent RGB only SCART cable rather than a decent Fully Wired SCART cable.

The SUPRA AV6 is about to disappear and the replacement is going to be near half as expensive again.

You also have to consider the physical attributes of some of these cables once you start to work with over sized SCART hoods and inflexible high quality video cable.

I use/supply VanDamme, QED and SUPRA SCART RGB cables along with the JS Tech converters and in my own system I have the Supra AV6 as I find it slightly preferable to the QED; and also being less inflexible is easier to work around other cables at the back of my rack.

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Thanks Joe...

Yeah I know I have posted this question a few times just felt that no one was listening..

I've think i'll go for the supra.

Just trying to find one for a reasonable price.....

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