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Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by PioRow, Aug 9, 2006.

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    In my opinion the number of Wii units avilable for launch is going to be of great importance, more so than for any nintendo launch.
    One way nintendo will sell Wii's is through people who either dont want to pay the high price of a PS3, cant pay the price or were unable to get a PS3. SO there needs to be Wii's available to buy, they need to attract people into the shops and make them buy a Wii. If someone cant get a PS3 untill february but there is a Wii available now then there's a chance they might buy one. But if the guy in shop has no Wii stock and cant say when hes getting more stock in the only people who will perceivere are people who want the Wii and were buying one anyways.
    I feel that a lack of Wii consoles at release would be a huge error on part of Nintendo. Also the positive press would be great if they could outsell the PS3 at launch. Sony will probably hit the market with 3 milion consoles world wide. If Nintendo could manage 4-5 million and sell out then that would be great PR. THe more consoles available in shops the better in my opinion.

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