Supermarket Opening Times For NHS, Staff, Elderly & Vulnerable And The Rest.?


Anyone working at the major stores can they name and post the opening times for the different categories.
Been doing a search and I get conflicting info.
Parents want to go to Tesco tomorrow and I seen both they open at 6am but elsewhere they only opening to the elderly at 9pm which means 3 hours for NHS which is incorrect.
When you ring them you get a message and then options but choosing them nothing happens and looking for local store opening times online met with the spinning wheel that never gets to the page.
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I had an email from Tesco yesterday that said this....

To ensure our more vulnerable and elderly customers can shop for what they need in our large stores, we have prioritised one hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning between 9-10am.

and this...

We have introduced a special hour in stores for NHS workers as a thank you for all they are doing. On Sundays, they can browse our large stores and select their shopping an hour before the checkouts open. All we ask is, if you’re an NHS worker, that you bring a form of ID to store, such as an NHS staff card. We have listened to feedback and are looking at how we can extend this to include extra days from next week.

Looking at my local tesco the NHS is also 9-10am


Must add this is also in the email which is great to see...

We have almost 3,000 colleagues over the age of 70 and we are fully supporting them, as well as our vulnerable and pregnant colleagues, with 12 weeks’ fully paid absence.


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I believe most of the large supermarkets around here are open from 8am to 8 pm.

Just checked the site for Asda and it has been updated.

Last Saturday the timings were incorrect and ended standing outside for 2 hours as the queue as too long to leave and return later.
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