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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 26th January 2009
One of the biggest landmarks in comic-book history, the clash between Superman and Doomsday (and the aftermath) should have made for great entertainment, whether in a live-action film or an animated offering like this one. Unfortunately, stripping the material down, condensing it beyond comprehension and reforming it to remove some of the most important aspects of the original tale resulted in a ridiculously short, uninvolving affair which will more than likely disappoint both fans and newcomers alike. Aside from some visual punch and a slightly more mature theme than you would normally expect from the Man of Steel, this is a tawdry chapter in the animated universe. On Blu-ray the video rendition looks superb but the audio cannot keep up, although with a few nice extras to round off the disc it will likely be lapped up by fans who have enjoyed this movie. Newcomers, as already stated, should maybe start their animated superhero appreciation elsewhere.
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