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Hi just got the broadband 60mb installed yesterday and the superhub and was wondering if there are any settings to change in it to optimize it for use with my PS3 when playing COD, that won't affect general web browsing. Its hard wired as well with wireless disabled. Also switched from a V+ box to a Tivo 1tb and think the picture was a bit better on the V+box tbh. Anyone else noticed this and why the Tivo does not have a reminder function on it is a total oversight to me. Sky and V+ have it so why not the Tivo. Wonder if it could be added via a future update?. Also if you are recording something and want subtitles on that programme (and not everything you record) how do you do it. Doesn't mention it in manual. Ta for any assistance
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The TiVo should record the subtitles without any prior intervention. You'd just turn them on as you would with live content while you are viewing content you've recorded.

You need do nothing with your SuperHub. Nothing you can do will improve bandwidth if you are using large amounts of bandwidth to play online games with. You are only allocated a set amount of bandwidth to cover your sum total of activity and activities. The more bandwidth you use for one activity then the less is available for other activities.

Reminders are scheduled to be introduced via the next firmware update. This update is due any time now.

Your other questions are already discussed within the forum so I'd suggest you search for the relevant topics.
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