Superhub Random Rebooting


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Been using my VM 30meg Cable connection with no problems at all until Friday night.

In the evening the SH rebooted itself (all lights went Blue then two of them went to Green) and one it came back online, what I thought to be the actual connection was horrendously slow. I Ping'd Google and this returned perfectly normal results so I wondered if it was the SH. It then did it a couple of times on Saturday (NYE) and upon speaking to VM CS, they advised to do a full reset of the SH and this seemed to fix the problem briefly.

Today the SH has done it a further two times. I've checked the Event Log and there are a number of Critical events that have 'Time not established' but have been in the last 48 hours as that was when the previous event was logged.

The events are names along the line of No Ranging Response Received, DHCP Failed and SYNC Timing Synchronisation Failure.

Has anyone for any expercience of this?


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Thanks for the info. It turns out that a Factory Reset from within the SH advanced settings (rather than inserting a pin into the reset button) may have cured the problem as it has not rebooted once today.

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