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Superhub - "Connection was reset"/"Connection has timed out"


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On Tuesday we purchased a new PC and have been having issues ever since, all of which appear to relate to the Virgin Media Superhub, I can barely use the internet for anything that I normally use it for. All but one of my regular forums is unaccessible as are sites such as Facebook and almost all software that requires an internet connection is unable to load (biggest culprits being Steam, Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars The Old Republic).

I do not have any of these issues on the old desktop PC (I hooked it up and checked it all worked fine) nor my partners laptop and our mobiles connect via WiFi and can access Facebook apps and my forums through the Dolphin browser (we have Android phones).

The new desktop is using a wired connection, but still has the same issues when trying to connect via a Wireless connection. I've altered the MTU (I reduced it from 1500 to 1450) and whilst that fixed Facebook last night everything else still encountered the same issues, however this morning its back to giving me time out errors on Facebook.

I also cannot access the Virgin Media support forums.

I've tried turning both Windows Firewall and the Superhubs Firewall off which has made no difference (both are currently back on) and as far as I can see from the processess tab on the Windows task manager theres nothing else running that should be preventing me accessing any of the stuff I'm trying to use.

I've tried the websites I can't access in Firefox, IE8 and Chrome but all encounter the same problem.

My Superhub is hardware #2.00 which has the recent R36 firmware on it.


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If all your other devices work fine over both wired and wireless, including your old PC, I'd say the problem is with your new PC and not the SuperHub. What OS is it running and did you buy it off-the-shelf with anything preloaded?


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It's running Windows 7, and yes it was off the shelf but I have since re-installed Windows 7 with no other software pre-loaded.

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