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Superfi cease trading


Active Member
No real surprise to me sadly.

Massive victims of ‘showrooming’ where people would go in, ask for a demonstration of a nice little 2 channel stereo or multi channel AV setup, say thanks very much then beggar off somewhere else to buy because they were cheaper.

That attitude has cost yet another Hifi outlet and will result in less choice, less chance of making an informed decision and an ever shrinking market which will become a vicious circle as time goes on.

Rather like the specialist photographic retail trade, the bottom to middle Hifi/AV trade is getting smaller and smaller .

These places need your custom and your support. It’s too late for a few of them now but you need to be consider about exactly where you want to be going the next time you want to make a major purchase.

If you want the cheapest then go to the cheapest..just don’t use your local Hifi dealer as an Internet sale demonstration facility.

Cornish Dave

Active Member
Interesting but that would not happen in Newcastle, both the main dealers only sell high end stuff from their shops and that is all they will demo, and you cannot buy that off the internet. If I want to go into a local dealer and buy a Yamaha amp he will order it for me but he will avoid doing a demo like the plague. Now if it is Linn, Naim etc I can have a demo no problem.

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