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Hi all,

Excellent! I've found a UK DVD layer review forum at last.

I've been using my PS2 purely as a dvd player to watch as I fall asleep. Although its a very old one and the noise of the fan is sending me round the twist, not to mention the fact I have to open and close the tray a dozen times before it plays a disk. But anyway, its time to get a proper player....

I was thinking of picking up a super cheap one from Tescos or somewhere for about 50 quid. Not too bothered about picture/audio as it'll be used on a 14inch 1 speaker tv. But I do want something quiet that will play alot of fomats (all regions, DVD+, DVD-, VCD, CDR etc.).

Does such a player exist??

May thanks,


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I would disagree with that. As good as the Toshiba 330 is for picture and sound it has issues with svcds (audio sync) and also when I had one the dvd drive was frankly poor and not good with copied media. Many others have reported drive problems too like frame skipping. Frankly the dvd drive fittted in mine was a load of rubbish. Theres no question it has a superb picture beating practically all other models at anywhere near the price but on a 14" portable he's not going to see the difference.
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