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Hi guys.
Just wondering......has anybody on here tried one of those "Superbit" DVD's on their plasma's?...if so,does it make a big improvement over standard DVD's?
In theory the PQ should be a lot better as the dvd's are encoded using twice the bitrate normally used.
Unfortunatley,at the moment,choice is limited to about 35 titles with the first Spiderman movie being the newest (I think) I would be interested to hear your views on these.
You can check out what's available over at :)



I have a few of the superbit DVDs and was able to do a direct comparison of the Superbit and standard DVDsfor Shakespeare in Love and Das Boot. To be honest the difference is surprisingly small. The detail in the picture is marginally improved but nothing to shout about. Of course they do all have DTS as well. I have heard that there is some variation in the degree of difference for different films and also different region editions.

If you're going to buy a film that's available in Superbit might as well buy it on Superbit but not really worth replacing standard DVD with the Superbit in my opinion


Lawrence of Arabia is stunning in superbit....but there again it is mostly sand & sky that your looking at.

Must say I was very impressed with this DVD even though it is on 2 discs.

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I did a couple of comparisons (Spiderman & Vertical Limit, Superbit and regular versions) and I couldn't see any real improvement in terms of visual quality. The biggest difference seems to be the DTS soundtrack, and lack of extras (interviews, making of, etc). I'd rather take the DTS track :)



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Looks like I'll stick to standard dvd's then,shame really....reading the hype they sound quite impressive and lets face it,most of the big dvd releases come with a DTS sountrack is it really worth it?
Thanks for the reply's people.

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